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BlaqSeedFund Launches Crowdfunding Platform



Nationwide – BlaqSeedFund launches crowdfunding platform to promote Black-owned businesses

BlaqSeedFund.com is a crowdfunding platform designed and focused on the development of Black-owned business and Nonprofit organizations.

We use social media networks to find, fund, and promote the work of black entrepreneurs who are creating excellent brands, building social movements and challenging the status quo.

Crowdfunding is a technique that harnesses the power of social media and personal networks to ask a large group of people to make small donations to a project or cause. Individuals can create an online crowdfunding page on the BlaqSeedFund website to tell their story, upload photos, videos and accept donations from friends, family members, peers, and anyone interested in providing support.

The BlaqSeedFund online crowdfunding platform harnesses the collective economic power of Black social entrepreneurs, business owners, innovators, and individuals to support and fund start-ups, growing business ventures and social causes in the Black community.

Use our platform to create a crowdfunding page for a project, or cause and promote it to as many people as you can. We’ll help you get your campaign set up online, formulate a winning crowdfunding strategy and anything else you need to promote your fundraiser. Our desire is to make the whole process as smooth and successful as possible.

According to a statement by Founder Myles Jackson “This is one way to address the economic imbalance that exists in the Black community and increase economic opportunities for Black Americans. Increased entrepreneurship and economic opportunities will help create additional job opportunities, training programs, educational resources, and social programs in the black community.

This economic imbalance existed long before covid-19 and there were knees on our necks long before George Floyd.

We have to come together as a community and support one another. No one is coming to rescue us. In order for the community to prosper, we have to shop black, invest black and bank black”

The BlaqSeedFund is also creating a fund to aid micro businesses in the community. These businesses are the smallest among us, often less than five employees, often overlooked, with limited access to capital. The BlaqSeedFund Stimulus Project will provide $1,000 – $3,000 assistance grants to these micro enterprises.

The most common campaigns on BlaqSeedFund are Non-profits and social enterprises looking for funding for a social cause, or program and entrepreneurs looking to fund a start-up or expand an existing product or brand.

Anyone interested in creating a campaign or donating can go on the website at BlaqSeedFund.co. Corporate donations are encouraged in order to increase the number of businesses that can be assisted. The company’s social media links are at https://linktr.ee/blaqseedfund

CONTACT INFORMATION:                                                                       

Myles Jackson

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