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Black and Brown Cleaning Companies Take your Business to the Next Level By Becoming A Certified Disinfector


While Covid-19 is still a part of our daily lives there becomes a need for cleaning and janitorial companies that have the know-how to meet a standard of clean. Enter Philadelphia’s The Enterprise Center. They have created a $1M initiative named the Pro Disinfect Coalition to help local Black and Brown cleaning and janitorial companies become eligible for more contracts by helping  them to become certified disinfectors.

Every public business has had to evaluate their cleaning practices to make sure they are in compliance with the CDC’s Covid-19 standards. This opens a lot of opportunity for Black and Brown businesses which is important in the city of Philadelphia. In 2019 it was calculated over $25M was spent on janitorial services, but only 26% of that spend went to companies that are classified as minority businesses. The City of Philadelphia is looking to grow this number to 32%.

For more information on this initiative contact The Enterprise Center via their website.

Original Source: Generocity

Image: Generocity.org


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