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Pepsi Launches “Dig In” An Initiative to Generate $100 in Sales for Black Owned Businesses


Last year Pepsi announced a $400 million commitment to racial equality. $50 million of that is dedicated solely to supporting Black-owned businesses. As part of this commitment Pepsi rolled out “Dig In.” This initiative serves as a platform that serves as a call to action to consumers to support Black-owned restaurants.

The goal of Dig In is to help Black-owned restaurants to generate $100 million plus in sales over the next five years. The platform not only serves as a call to action, but also creates a way for Black restaurant owners to get access to a number of resources including training, mentorship and business services.

Scott Finlow, Chief Marketing Officer of PepsiCo Global Foodservice stated “Our mission to connect Black-Owned restaurants with the access, business acceleration, and visibility needed to thrive requires a clear call to action: Dig In, to the vibrant, delicious menus of Black-owned restaurants. Help build this moment into a sustainable movement that enables businesses to continue serving as cornerstones of our communities.”

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Source: prnewswire.com

Image Source: @PepsiDigIn on IG

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