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BUSINESS HIGLIGHT: It’s All Blaq Everythang!


Ready for your business to shine and increase your brand awareness? Then you will want to connect with Michelle Tatum and Tavia Carter, founders of All Blaq Everythang. The worldwide view of Black American’s has traditionally not been a positive one. ABE’s mission is to help uplift this view by showing the world a true view of Black Americans by showcasing and elevating the many Black Americans who have chosen to become the creators of their own reality through starting a business. ABE believes that by normalizing buying Black love, empathy, and trust within and of the Black community can also be cultivated. How is ABE accomplishing this goal? By creating events for other Black owned businesses. Giving those businesses a space to not only shine, but expand their reach.

Carter has over 20 years of experience in business including managerial experience. She is an expert in business etiquette and customer service, which are important skills for aspiring and existing business owners to have. By teaching this to businesses, Carter hopes to put all the negative stereotypes surrounding Black owned businesses to rest.



Tatum, herself, is familiar with what is required of businesses as she has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years. She has always had a passion for uplifting women of color and helping people in general. Tatum believes that educating our people on money and economics is paramount to building a strong future for the Black community. Which is why there is a need to normalize buying Black. Circulating the Black dollar within the community before allowing it to leave the community and this is why ABE does what it does. Tatum shared, “ABE is a whole vibe here, no one does it better.”  When asked what advice she would give to other aspiring business owners she said, “Just do it! Stop listening to that voice that’s telling you that you’re not enough or don’t have enough. If you have an idea, just jump and figure the rest out later.”

To find out more about All Blaq Everything check out their website or follow them on their social media Facebook, Instagram



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