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Black Franchisees Suing McDonald’s for Discrimination


As if there weren’t enough reasons to not support McDonald’s, another reason has been added to the list. McDonald’s is now facing a class-action lawsuit from its Black franchise owners claiming the fast food chain discriminated on them forcing them to open locations in less profitable areas and not providing them with similar levels of opportunities and support.

The most recent of these suits, filed by brothers James and Darrell Byrd, is just one of more than 50 by former Black franchisees. The brothers feel they were led to believe they were just bad business people. The brothers are represented by the same law firm handling the other suits. Their lawyers are arguing that “They are victims of McDonald’s targeted discrimination against Black franchisees, which McDonald’s covered up during years of parity deals and false promises.”

The Byrd brothers had to sell or close 10 out of their 14 combined locations. McDonald’s says “McDonald’s has invested significantly in each of their respective businesses after they ran into business difficulties caused by mismanagement of their organizations.” According to Byrd and the over 50 others suing McDonald’s though, “McDonald’s steered Black franchisees to locations in inner-city neighborhoods with low sales and high security and insurance costs. Once Black franchisees owned a store, they were required to rebuild or buy new equipment immediately, at their own expense, while White franchisees were not.”

McDonald’s legal team filed a motion to dismiss this case calling it “self-serving” and “illogical”. So what do you think? Do you think the case is self-serving or just another case in a long troubled history Black franchises have had with McDonald’s?

Article Source: CBS News

Image Source CBS News

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